About us

:Our Story In Ethraa Almaerifa

From an area of Sixty meters square the office of Dr. Nawal Aleid was launched, in 1434 AH, and continued to expand, develop, and create to become an educational consulting institution, then an endowment institution, and it continued to grow to become the first Saudi women’s endowment company. Ethraa Almaerifa constitutes Rewaa Almaerifa for organizing exhibitions and conferences as well as Alrewaa scientific center for women training.

          Through all its stages, its work is granted from specialists, academics, highly skilled individuals, and determined volunteers

          Crossing the spatial dimensions, and spreading knowledge directed towards women through its impact



:Our Vision

 A beacon of women’s endowment work

:Our Message

A women’s endowment company, looking to develop women and families, through establishing a sustainable model, utilizing the best practices that are based on scientific methodology, and quality initiatives with a digital recognition, and active partnerships in a creative and appealing environment and a qualified team


:Our Values

  • Proficiency
  • Collaboration
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Justice and Integrity
  • Faith in others’ abilities